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Numerology is the language of numbers, as well as a system of relating numbers and names to teach us about the human condition and patterns of behaviour. It is a science, a psychology and a philosophy. It is a science because it is a method for us to find our way around in an objective way. A psychology, because it offers information about our psychological patterns of behaviour, and a philosophy because it projects a way of life. It is a wonderful and practical tool, which enables us to understand more about ourselves and the world in which we live. Numerology can take us to great depths of profound knowledge and understanding about our lives by providing us with a powerful key, which helps us to unlock the subconscious mind.

Numerology is the study of the spiritual qualities of numbers and letters. There is a blueprint of our destiny hidden within the energies of our name and birth date. Throughout the years, the accuracy of interpretations of these numbers has been astounding. Numerology is one of the most intriguing ways to wisdom, and to the heart.

Without a doubt, numbers influence our lives. If we open our eyes to this hidden spiritual knowledge, we will have a priceless intuitive tool. Each number has a vibration as well as a distinct energy pattern. Our lives revolve around numbers. In addition to our Birth numbers and our names, we also have our Social Insurance or Social Security numbers, our telephone number, our house number, etceteras, each of which contribute in some way to our journey through life. If we work with the energies that these personal numbers provide to get the most out of life, we will be successful. If we try to work against the numbers, our success in life will be much harder, if not impossible.

Numerology tells us not only about ourselves, but also gives us information about the people around us. It helps us to understand changes and transitions. It identifies the challenges in our lives. It also teaches us how to use our strengths and weaknesses to our best advantage. It is an accurate, easy to use system for divining the future. Because it is so much simpler to understand and to practice than any other divination system, it is more readily accepted than the Tarot, or other psychic tools, even by cynics who can so quickly test its validity. Numerology may prove to be an easy way for you to find some wisdom of your own. It is a profound science for discovering what you are, where you are headed, and who you might become.

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