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               Sellers are have success listing their car online, as millions of people see the ad. Out of state people move to your city, or travel from out of town looking for a car.  At online used auto classifieds sites, type in a car to search for and they list all models fitting your criteria.  Forget newspapers, their localized coverage is just too limited.  List your car on the web so the whole world sees it.  Use a site with a money back guarantee in case your car does not sell in a certain time period. Some sites run the ad for one low price until the car sells, a benefit newspapers don't offer.   I've gotten many emails from out of state people for my car.  I know several people who have gotten great results by posting it online.  Buyers might be in town for a weekend to visit someone, buy your car, and drive it back home.   The idea is to blitz the media, and let the world know you have a great car for sale.

If your car is over 4 years old, dealers give you only 25% of fair market value!

            The old way of buying cars involved wasting hours at several dealers, and driving off with the deal that was the cheapest, yet you still feel they got you somehow.  You shop all the car dealers, so shop the online sites too, many of which are cheaper than the dealer. Now you never leave the comfort of your chair, just relax and wait for quotes from your favorite online sites, and if you think you can do better, then pick one dealer to bring in all your research to, and calmly negotiate the best car deal you've ever done.


   1)  Why are you selling the car?  Put them in a defensive position and they must answer quick.  If they hesitate, they have something to hide.  Why do most people sell their car?  Maybe they lost their job, or there's too many things wrong with it and they don't want to fix it, they'd rather sell it to you.  Maybe they bought a better new car and are selling it themselves.  If you have a car that you love, you're not going to sell it.

   2)  How many miles are on it?  The moment of truth for most sellers.  This can really reduce the selling price if there's too much mileage.  The standard is 12000 miles per year.  If they have more than that, the pricing sites shown above have charts that deduct off the market value of the car.

   3)  Do they have all the maintenance records, proof of tune ups, and oil change receipts?  You just nailed them with 3 defensive questions in a row.  I'll bet no one will have this. I preach it to no end that everyone should.  I had it for my Trans Am, and I sold it to the first person that came to look at it.  The seller might say "No, no one keeps that stuff".  Your reply will be "I do, everyone I know does", and without it, I have no validation that you properly maintained the your car, and now you want me to pay all this money for it?" Tell them no one does their oil changes on time.  How many people change the oil every 3-6 months?

  4) Have them describe the condition of the interior, the seats, make sure the dash is not cracked, find out about the paint, tires, A/C compressor, ask if the A/C runs cool. Is there any other known issues or needed repairs that you should know about?


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